Friday 1 February 2013

Top 10 Posts So Far

With my blog approaching its 4th anniversary I feel it’s reached the critical mass of posts and time needed before I can look at what the most popular posts have been to date. I know there is a side-bar on the right at the moment displaying this, but I thought it would be useful to capture it so that I can look back in another 4 years and see whether I managed to add anything new or whether it just went downhill from then on.

One site I worked at introduced a somewhat draconian web content filtering policy. One particular category of web sites they blocked were “blogs and personal pages”. I pointed out to the security team that blogs are the modern day Knowledge Base; they are relied on heavily by IT to get their work done. Yes, you have your MSDNs and StackOverflows, but they just aren’t enough. And anyway some people only post answers that contain a link to a blog post they found that answers the original query.

So, looking at the list of most popular posts of mine to date, it’s clearly not the diatribes or random musings that people come across, but those that solve people’s everyday problems. Well, all except for number 10 that is. That anomaly has almost certainly come about as a consequence of generous publicity via Twitter by some of the ACCU’s more followed members[*].

  1. PowerShell, Throwing Exceptions & Exit Codes
  2. Cleaning up svn:mergeinfo Droppings
  3. Simple Database Build & Deployment With SQLCMD
  4. Integration Testing with NUnit
  5. WCF Weirdy – NetTcpBinding, EndpointIdentity and Programmatic Configuration
  6. WCF Service Refusing Connections
  7. SQL Server Cursors - Avoiding the Duplicate FETCH NEXT
  8. Using Visual C++ Together With GCC - Some Alternatives
  9. C#/SQL Integration Testing With NUnit
  10. TODO or TODO Not - There Is No Later


[*] Pleasing though it was to get the re-tweets of my original posting announcement, I suspect the 2 additional plugs from @KevlinHenney didn’t do any harm either :-).

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