Friday, 28 May 2010

Oldwood v4.0

Today saw the release of "Oldwood v4.0" after just 9 months in development. In accordance with the marketing department's wishes it is to be re-badged the "Seth" edition. Screenshots will be available on the web site shortly, but once again no manual can be provided.


  1. Call it the "Sith" edition and the manual could be replaced by mystic meditation.

  2. 4.0? Shouldn't it be 2.4?

    I believe I said congrats earlier, but if I forgot (or you forgot), congrats again anyway!


  3. Thanks. I think 2.4 makes it sound like they will just be small improvements on me. But I have so many flaws that I hope good parenting will ensure each one turns out to be a major revision instead :-)