Monday, 25 January 2010

Two Book Reviews Published in This Month’s C Vu Magazine

The current issue of C Vu (Volume 21, Issue 6 - one of the journals published by the ACCU) has two book reviews from yours truly. The first is for the 3rd edition of UML Distilled by Martin Fowler, and the other is for The Old New Thing by Raymond Chen. Neither book is exactly new and the latter I read some years ago, but I noticed a couple of gaps in the book reviews on the ACCU website (which are searchable by non-members as well as members) and thought I’d fill them in. Both books get a big thumbs up from me*. Of course if you want to read the reviews you’ll either need to subscribe to the ACCU so that you can download back issues of C Vu and Overload, or wait for them to be published on the website.

*Given the name of this blog and the contents of my very first post I don’t think this will be much of a surprise to anyone.

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