Thursday 5 November 2009

Happy 21st/12th Anniversary

This week marks a palindromic moment in my relationship with my wife. On the one hand we have been married for 12 years, as of Monday. But we've been together for much longer, 21 years as of today. As happens each year, my wife says Happy Anniversary on the 1st, and yet I'm still waiting for the 5th because to me that is our spiritual anniversary. This of course has nothing to do with my complete inability to remember names or dates; obscure numbers like hex addresses and error codes - no problem, but birthdays and appointments - no chance.

And yet she still puts up with me... Even during my six month sabbatical I never really pulled my weight as I could have. She looks after the kids, runs the house, manages the finances and holds down a job! On top of that she still finds time to massage my ego and deal with my many insecurities. Quite frankly I really don't deserve her.

So tonight at the local annual fireworks display, even though I'll have the kids with me, and be surrounded by friends, St Judith's Field will still feel empty and the fireworks will lack a certain sparkle because you're not there with us. Happy Anniversary my love.

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